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7+ Tips to Improve Your Health at Work

Sitting in front of your computer for straight 8-9 hours in AC sounds so relaxing. But, the truth is this relaxation mode can turn you into a live panda with fluffy tummy and increased weight. So, it’s your responsibility to stay fit and enjoy yourself.

We have mentioned here few tips which you can use to stay healthy in your office. Here it goes!

1 Take the Stairs –

It is highly advisable to you to stop using the lift and start using stairs. These stairs can help you in full body exercise and help you in losing a lot of weight and stored fat. It is good for your heart as well.

2 Drink Lots of Water –

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to stay energetic throughout the day. Also, drinking one glass water before and after the meals will signal your brain that you’re full now. Thus, you will eat less and maintain your calories in the same manner.

3 Reduce Coffee Intake –

If you keep on drinking 4-5 cups of coffee to make yourself feel refreshing. Then sorry to say but this action will not lead you anywhere in terms of health. It is advisable if you reduce your 4-5 cups to 1-2 cups a day. Or you can switch your milk coffee with black coffee to stay energetic.

4 Schedule Walking Meetings –

According to Rabindranath Tagore – “An open environment is best to let the child’s creativity and imaginary world flow” Same goes with office meetings. It’s not necessary that you always have to do your meetings in a room, give your body some relaxation and start going for a meeting while walking. This way, you can feel relaxed, healthy and your creativity will be at a good level.

5 Stand Up and Stretch Often –

It might not be possible for you to stand on your desk and work. Or maybe that is not allowed. And if it is allowed thane you should stand at last for an hour on your desk. This way you won’t feel tired, headaches, and pain in your shoulders and back. You can also do stretch sitting at your desk every hour just to feel energetic.

6 Order Your Lunch –

When it’s time to cook many of us cook unhealthy food to save time. So, it is better to order your lunch from the best Tiffin services in the area. Those Tiffin service providers’ pack varieties of food daily, salad, less oily food, and much more.

7 Keep Healthy Snacks Nearby –

Keeping a few snacks in your pocket or on your desk is never a bad idea. You can east cashews, peanuts, nuts, walnuts, etc. Eating handful of them daily can help you in fighting from mental ailments and stress.

8 Don’t Eat Out –

With friends, we eat anywhere and anything without thinking much. Well, this way you can end up eating lots of fast food and increasing your body weight. So, the advice is to try to lower down the ratio of eating food outside, go home, cook, and then eat peacefully.

In the End!

Following the above tips can help you a lot. Taking these health-conscious steps can increase your health life, lower the stress level and a lot more.

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