About Us

gagan singh

Our Approach

Bhojan Tree is a humble attempt to bring in a change in the way food is being served these days, especially to office-going professionals. Food that has good TASTE, prepared in LOW OIL, has amazing VARIETY, packed and delivered with HYGIENE as well as has ECONOMIC PRICE.

Our Story

We are bound with the limited choice of food we get in the office canteen, or the over spicy and oily food in nearby restaurants. Moreover, with women going to office and the hectic schedule of professional life, Cooking has taken a backseat in our daily lives. Food being one of the most important sources of Energy plays a very big role in our life.

We are a small team big enough to serve Quality food to you.

We ask a lot of food-related questions to ourselves as well as to people around us.

o   Have you ever wondered why food in almost every home is very tasty?

o   What is it that sets home-cooked food above par even to a 5 star chef recipe?

o   Why is it that the home cooked food brings satisfaction?

Guess what!!!!!

We’ve found it. Its Love and care while preparing your Food. And that is the USP that has given birth to Bhojan Tree.

Happy Feasting! 🙂