FSSAI Standard - Bhojan Tree

Bhojan Tree Serves as per the FSSAI Standards

Online tiffin delivery services are growing at a very fast pace and is expected to generate revenue of approx. Rs 10,000 crore in upcoming years

Online food delivery services are connected with the customers’ health due which Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has made given below guidelines mandatory for such businesses. (The Economic Times).

Given below are the FSSAI Guidelines:

Sampling: FSSAI can take any food sample anytime for test served by these companies.

Mandatory information for customers: Companies have to provide all the details issued under FSSAI act to the customers.

Only fresh food to be delivered: All the companies have to deliver fresh food cooked with fresh raw products.

And you all will love to know that at Bhojan Tree, we follow all the rules set by FSSAI such as:

1. We hold an FSSAI License.

2. We have a Food Safety in-charge who has completed FOSTAC (Food Safety Training and Certification) certified by FSSAI.

3. Our kitchen is cleaned after the preparation of every meal.

4. We prepare fresh gravy each day and ensure that there is no stale food being served to our customers.

5. We use fresh vegetables every day.

6. Our spices are blended & grinded in-house, so there is no scope of contamination in spices.

And our homemade spices bring out the best flavor to our taste buds.

Bhojan Tree not only fulfills the FSSAI standards but also prepare food by keeping the following measures in mind:

  • No use of added preservatives
  • No processed food (all freshly prepared)
  • No use of harmful chemicals
  • No adding of artificial colors

Bhojan Tree serves the best food in their Tiffin by using mom’s recipe. We serve:

  • One special cuisine every day.
  • No menu repetition for a month.
  • Green Vegetables thrice a week.
  • We serve almost all types of pulses available in the market.

We provide Tiffin services across Mumbai so that customers can easily order as per there convenience.

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