Special Dish Bhojan Tree- 14th Jan – 18th Jan

Mint Cucumber Raita

A yogurt based condiment, that can compliment almost any Indian cuisine. Its truly a Special Dish for most of us.

For a city like Mumbai, where afternoons are mostly hot, it is a very soothing element in Tiffins, especially during Office Lunch hours. It keeps your stomach cool, and enriches your mind.

Mint raita with its ever beautiful green texture, and the freshness of its mint and the blend of Chaat Masala, not only pleases your eyes, but also tantalises your taste buds.

It accompanies with itself, tremendous health benefits, and is also known as a very healthy food:

Aids digestion

Cures Headache

Beats Stress and depression

And many more. For more details, you can refer to https://bit.ly/2KQt6hU

Veg Cutlet

A typically favourite Indian Snack, that is liked by most Indians, and prepared in many different ways.

Every mother has her style of preparing a veg cutlet while preparing Homely food. A mix of multiple vegetables, including green veggies, potatoes, it is prepared in shallow oil at Bhojan Tree, makes this special dish truly special. Being Shallow fry, Itremains as a Healthy food as well. Also it adds to our mission of providing food prepared in very low oil.

It is served with a Green Chutney/ketchup/schzewan chutney.

Kachumbar Salad

As the name, its preparation is also very funny. Some consider it as a mixture of leftover salads, but we love in giving it, as it increases the scope of adding multiple healthy elements while preparing it.

Our version of Kachumbar Salad to make it a Special dish for you includes, Cabbage, Cucumber, Beetroot, Carrot, Tomatoes, and tossed with some enriching herbs that add to its overall taste and flavour.

It is one of the most healthy food product that is served at Bhojan Tree.

It gives our customers the balance of nutrients that they look forward in their meals.

Mini IdliManglori

A very attractive cuisine, looks like red buttons, and tastes awesome. Its tangy spicy flavour might tingle all the bells in your mind. It’s a very special dish that will definitely make your day special.

We prepare the Bafat Masala (Manglorean Masala) ourselves in the kitchen which is the heart of this reciepe.

The overall look and feel of this cuisine in your tifiin will definitely make your day.


The most simple yet Royal dessert of all times. It enhances the feeling of your tiffins and Lunch. Simple brown bread fried and topped with homely Rabdi, and touch of dryfruits, all give it the right golden brown texture with creamy white top.

It is a cuisine that will keep you left asking for more. Its our Guarantee !

Our customers are very special for us, and this Special dish will definitely prove it.

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