Special Dish Bhojan Tree- 25th Feb – 1st Mar

Basil Pasta Salad

A blend of Italian herbs , oregano, chilli flakes, and fresh basil leaves, with truly Indian taste, our Basil pasta salad is a one of its kind, you just cant ‘not love’ it. The most simple yet delicious, this definitely makes your day at office or at home. A perfect partner for the main course, this cuisine will definitely steal your heart, not only yours but the ones who are sitting with you and having it.

This cuisine is a perfect ‘kuchhattke’ item, and might be one and only served by Bhojan Tree, in the online tiffin services in Mumbai.

Beansprout Salad

Its super healthy ! That’s the best definition to this cuisine. Counted as a salad, but it’s the most appreciated compliment to the entire meal.

As Mumbai begins to become hot in its late February, its time to cool you down with some chatpata salads. Beansprout salad is prepared by two most healthy pulses, Green moong and Matki, soaked over night and hung for the entire day, and again soaked in hot water to remove any bacterial accumulation over it. Its prepared hygienically and is a blessing to have in your homely tiffins in Mumbai, that is served by Bhojan Tree.

It is blended with some fresh seedless tomatoes, and cucumber finely chopped, dressed nicely with Corainder leaves and topped with Chaat masala, some spices and Lemon. Its mouth watering !!!!

Corn Cheese Balls

Well you are not having a 5 star buffet, but we definitely give you a similar experience. Mozarella Cheese, Processed cheese, and Cottage Cheese, yes, its these three elements when nicely mashed to form a dough, which is then mixed with the freshly boiled sweet corn (partly grinded), and some elements of roasted Black pepper and herbs. Ammmmmm !!!!! It is jaw dropping.

Since it is served cold, it might taste a little less than great, but you always have a provision to microwave it in our disposable microwave safe containers for 20 secs, and you will bring that Cheesy ball back to life.

As we use only sunflower quality of oil to prepare it, so can be rest assured that it is absolutely healthy and homely. The best you can expect in homely tiffins in Mumbai.


Well, Nothing can actually describe this Maharaja Dessert of India. Hardly you will find anyone in India who would resist GulaabJamun. Actually you need to resist not eating it.

Golden brown, dipped in sugar syrup, prepared in pure quality of mawa, with a tinge of Cardamoms, it is a food for the soul.

It is available in plenty of places in India, not particularly unique cuisine, but what we do with it is always exciting. For that you need to book our online tiffin services in Mumbai, and check out how much homely and fresh and healthy this cuisine is.


Freshly grinded white urad (soaked overnight), and naturally fermented, deep fried in fresh sunflower oil, and then soaked in sweet mineral water, and served with chilled curd with tinge of chaat masala and some salt, this is purely heaven.

Two pieces of our DahiVada will definitely make your Lunch for sure, and will leave asking for more. That’s our guarantee !

We can vet that this one would be better than what you have been eating at your home. Yes…. Its more than homely, its healthy and its hygience. The best you can have in a Tiffin service in Mumbai.

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