Special Dish 28 Jan - 1 Feb

Special Dish Bhojan Tree- 28th Jan – 1st Feb

Fruit Salad

A perfect blend of Indian Fruits like, Watermellon, Papaya, Grapes, Apples, Banana and other season fruits, this is not what most tiffin services offer you. A perfect blend of nutritional balance, this cuisine is really “KuchHattke”, for our Foodie customers. It just tastes superb in all seasons, and is liked by most.

No salt or spices is added, as it is packed and dispatched, so there could be some chances of change in the colour during in transit, however, it still tastes awesome.

Black Chana Chaat

At Bhojan Tree, we always believe in spicing up your meals in ‘kuchhattke’ manner. This is a chatpata and little ‘tikkha’ element, that you can have along with your meals, or can be preserved for cherishing it as an evening snack.

Black Chanachaat is among the favourites of many of our clients, the flavor that a mix of Lemon and Chaat masala, alongwith onion and tomatoes in it, just gives it the most desirable taste that you would long for.

Moreover, Black Chana is highly beneficial to your health, and that makes this cuisine a perfect Homely food, that is at Bhojan Tree as Online Tiffins Services in Mumbai.


Whoooaaaaa, Be it Punjabi, or any taste in India, GajarHalwa is one of the most cherished cuisine in India, and famous globally.

Tender Carrots, grated gently, Mixed with mild sugar, and lots of “Mawaa”, cooked heavenly, and blissfully topped with Dry Fruits, That makes a GajarKaHalwa.

GajarKahalwa is undefined, and every homely made halwa has its own creative flavor added to it.

At Bhojan Tree, the Homely Tiffin Service, we believe to give it just the perfect balance of sweet, so that all of our customers can enjoy it. This is definitely ‘kuchhattke’ and at the same time the darling of all desserts.

Veg Raita

If the most preferred colour of a car is white, the most preferred variant of raita is Veg Raita. Cucumber, Tomatoes, and carrot all finely chopped, and mixed in freshly hung curd, some of our secret spices are added to it to give it an awesome homely taste. We also top it with little bit of Corainder leaves and finely chopped mint which enhances its taste.

For a city like Mumbai, Veg Raita is a perfect support to the entire meal. It definitely cools down anyones bad mood, just like your homely food would have done.

Hara BharaKebaab

King of kebabs, you might not get to enjoy this cuisine in any other online tiffins service in Mumbai.

This spicy delicious snack is deep fried made with spinach and potatoes flavored with spice mix. Hara bharakabab is crispy outside and soft inside. Hara Bhara Kebabs are absolutely delicious and looks like cutlets.

Nothing can beat the taste of this kebab, a packet full of nutritious vegetables, and the crackling taste of the spices, it is just an awesome to have with a ketchup.

Our kebabs are absolutely Homely, and freshly prepared, unlike most restaurants where the batter is already prepared and refrigerated.

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