Why we are the best Tiffin service in Mumbai?

Every tiffin service will say “We are the best one”, but only a few prove it right! We are not saying we are best, it is you who will judge us on the basis of the facts how we are different from other tiffin services available in Mumbai.

But before that, here is a small review of Bhojan Tree –

Bhojan Tree was started as an initiative to serve all the people the best homemade and healthy food, which they are missing out by living in Mumbai far from their families and hometowns. Bhojan Tree knows the struggle of an individual, of being tired all day and cook anything. Thus, we laid a helping hand and provide healthy tiffin services in Mumbai.

How We Are Different From Other Tiffin Services?

1. We Deliver Everywhere –

We have our tiffin services across Mumbai, you have to just name it. From Bandra West to Goregaon East, or From Andheri to Chembur, we deliver everywhere.

2. We Serve High-Quality Food –

The quality of our food is as per the FSSAI standards only. We pick the best grains of wheat, pulses, and rice to serve our customers so that they can stay fit and healthy.

3. We Use Homemade Spices –

All the spices we use are grinded using traditional methods so as to maintain the taste of homely food.

4. We Serve the Balanced Diet –

No need to worry about your health once you are with us because we serve a balanced diet in our tiffins with all minerals, nutrients, carbs, proteins, etc.

5. Mini & Standard Thalis are available –

We serve both standard and mini size thalis to you. If you have a light appetite you can have our mini thali and if not then you can have our standard thali with proper nutrients.

6. FSSAI Registered –

We are registered and have a license of FSSAI, si there is no trust and quality issues you will find with us.

7. Maintain All Hygiene Standards –

We maintain all the hygiene standards from our kitchen to our employees. Kitchen is washed on a regular basis. We make our employees wear a head cap, apron, and gloves as well.

8. Recipes From Mom’s Kitchen –

All the recipes we use are from different mothers which add varieties of dishes in your tiffin.

9. We Want You Healthy & Wealthy –

Apart from the balanced diet, we serve in our tiffins we also keep in mind how much oil is being served to you. We use good quality of oil for cooking. We keep the quantity of oil used very low so as to keep you healthy and wealthy. 

10. Minimal Price –

Even after serving all this we serve our food at a very minimal price as compared to our competitors. So, we keep your pocket safe.

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